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Ssangyong has utilized its in house technologies with expertise accumulated
over 30 years through manufacturing experience of various materials

Ssangyong advanced ceramic materials are able to solve the problems of wear, scratch, corrosion, thermal shock, bend, dimensional instability. Through continuous study of ceramic materials and improvement of its characteristics, Ssangyong is now applying its products to the area of nozzles for welding & spray, die plates for EDM, location pins for automobile, fixtures, guides, oxygen sensors, base plates, shaft, sleeves, water pump seals, precision balls & bearings and insulators for various industries

Ssangyong’s art technologies of advanced ceramic materials for excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance make it best fitted for faucet valve disc. Ssangyong faucet disc has proven to possess superior performance coupled with longer life. Ssangyong is equipped to manufacture more than 20 million faucet disc and is actually supplying all over the world with around 15 million faucet disc annually

Excellent characteristics of Ssangyong ceramic materials of zirconia and silicon nitride (such as prominent hardness, negligible corrosion & wear and intensity of illumination on the surface of products) create longer life of dies and rollers, improved quality of wire and increase of

Ssangyong offers variety of ceramic products which are required high wear resistance and superior electric insulation and mechanical strength properties of alumina and zirconia. Ssangyong manufactures variety of wear resistance products such as guides and cutters fortextile, parts for pulverization equipment, ceramic liners, nozzles, interrupters and mechanical seals. Also, Ssangyong produces various electric insulators such as terminal bushes, die plates for electrical discharge machine and bead bases for electrical equipment by utilization of excellent characteristics of electrical insulation, dimensional stability and wear resistance

As a world number one supplier of magnetron stem ceramics, Ssangyong has also improved its technologies ceaselessly up to the best quality company. As a result of these efforts, Ssangyong is able to accede to the throne of the best of the best both in name and reality. Strong point of Ssangyong stem ceramics is excellent air-tightness through perfect metallizing technology, superior insulation characteristics, prominent anti-fracture toughness and eminent thermal shock resistance with perfect vacuum atmosphere

Optical ferrule is manufactured with extreme accuracy to the sub-micron tolerances in concentricity of inner diameter, straightness between both ends of inner diameter and avoidance technology of taper phenomenon in inner diameter of ferrule. Ssangyong has huge capacity of manufacturing ferrule blank upto 1.9 million pieces per month. Also, Ssangyong has so many customers in the world due to high technologies in controlling sub-micron precision and consistency & repetitiousness of production